The Exiled Blade

Snow shrouds Venice in cold darkness, ice fills the canals, and a thousand ghosts pluck at the shadow's edge...

A violent attack on Lady Giulietta's son forces Tycho from his new-found happiness and back into the treacherous intrigue of the court. For Giulietta's sake he would go to the world's end to track down those responsible.

As Venice teeters on the brink of civil war, its feuding families prepare to discover who is a prince and who a pawn in the coming struggle for power. The Exiled Blade is the climactic finale to Tycho's story

Published by Orbit UK, US & Aus

Praise for the Assassini Trilogy

'Dark and majestic.' Financial Times

'Grimwood has made this fusion of genre energy and literary depth his calling card.’ The Guardian.

'An alternative world that lays down its own historical strata... the writing is spare and detched, the society described brutal.' TLS

'Gritty, grimy, decadent and compelling.' Sunday Times

“Conjures up the city so vividly you can almost touch the place.’ SFX

'Brings 15th Century Venice to luminous life... The writing is elegant, the dialogue razor sharp, the characters drawn economically but effectively, and the action is unrelenting.' SciFi Now (5 stars)

'Sharp as a stiletto, dark and dazzling as a masquerade, Grimwood's Venice is totally compelling.’ Mike Carey

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