When LizAlec Fabio goes missing on her way to school, her mother knows just the person to get her back, Fixx Valmont - burned-out DJ and crystalMeth addict.

Only Fixx isn't just in jail facing statutory-rape charges relating to LizAlec - he's legless. Literally, since Lady Clare Fabio had Fixx's cyborg limbs chopped off at the hips to stop him doing a runner.

Meanwhile, aboard the Arc, Sister Aaron is collecting together two of every species to create a new Eden in deep space, while Brother Michael is even busier collecting handmaidens. Paris is under seige from the Fourth Reich and a virus is sweeping Europe, eating all the steel in its path.

'An unholy vision of some Victor Hugo hero filtered through the consciousness of William Burroughs... Grimwood is rapidly developing into a novelist worth watching.' Gary K Wolfe, Locus

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